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Office Furniture Installation

If you need to install systems furniture, casegoods, filing cabinets, shelving as part of a new purchase, office reconfiguration or office relocation, DB Industries can help you plan and execute your installation, with office furniture installation service available throughout Northern, VA & Washington, DC.

Whether you are the office manager or an office furniture dealer who has just helped a customer select and plan a new office update or revision, installing newly purchased products, or relocating existing system furniture or pieces requires experience, skill, the proper tools and training. And the professionalism of the assemblers working in your office can be the difference between a frustrating and unpleasant experience, and a positive and efficient one.

DB Industries can install office furniture, modular office cubicles, and panel systems for your office, or if you are a dealer, for your customer’s office. We can help if you require teardowns or installation of add-on products. DB Industries can also steam clean your furniture which removes moisture and promotes a healthy environment.

We have an outstanding industry reputation for installation services, thanks to the proven processes we follow and the trained, hand-picked installers who do the work.


Furniture Installation Process

Our team works with you in planning the project to determine the complexity, manpower, product delivery, schedule, and site needs. And with our local knowledge of the metro Washington, DC & Northern Virginia areas, you can count on our expertise to save you time and money.


Furniture Installation Time

The crew reviews all on-site project details when the actual installation begins. Staging areas will be identified, necessary building protection is put in place, and the route that trash will leave the site is established.

We can assemble furniture that is already delivered to your site, or we can help move them in using a pre-planned sequence. We will coordinate with cable installers and electricians to complete their tasks in the proper timeframes.

Our installers will ensure that everything is clean, complete, and done to your satisfaction. Once we know all items are properly assembled, our team will leave you to unpack and get back to work.